Controversy has surrounded the NRL following a minority of players refusing to accept flu vaccinations.

The rugby league governing body, advised by federal and state governments, have strictly enforced health protocols for its teams as the code prepares itself to be the first to resume action after COVID-19 halted all sport. 

The Queensland Government have been adamant on the no jab no play stance which has resulted in Gold Coast Titans pair Brian Kelly and outspoken Brian Cartwright being stood down, NSW health officer Dr Kerry Chant has stated that the NRL would ultimately make the decision.

"We have not determined and reviewed the plan. It is really a matter for NRL as a workplace employer to consider their [occupational] health and safety obligations and clearly there will be ramifications for them," Dr Chant said on Monday.

"It is in their best interest to exclude any flu-like illness amongst players because, according to their plan, any player that has any respiratory illness is not allowed to play and it potentially will take the whole team out."

The CHO said the NRL should stick to the original agreement of banning players form playing if they choose not to be vaccinated, but the final decision shouldn't rest on the state government.
"I'm aware that [the] Queensland chief health officer has indicated that is a requirement for Queensland," said the CHO.

"It's in everyone's interest to obtain the flu vaccination, but as I said it's a matter for the OHS requirements for the NRL."